The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations has granted special consultative status to DREPAVIE since 2014, thanks to the skills and energy of Emilienne RIM A KEDI. This status gives our organization a platform to carry out advocacy activities at the level of the international community. This advocacy aims to strengthen the establishment of national and international programs to fight against sickle cell disease, as well as actions to develop sustainable and accessible care on the African continent. Ultimately, improved treatment would allow African sickle cell disease patients to live normally with the disease (and to monitor any complications on site).

  • First advocacy speech from DREPAVIE, in 2015, March 12th, in Geneva (UN), during the Children’s Rights Day (Session of the Human Rights Council), video below (in French):
  • Last advocacy speeches in UN (United Nations, Geneva; all in French):
  • Advocacy in situ (in African countries)
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